The latest issue of the AtomSphere has been published

3/9/21 8:45 AM
The third, March issue of the company magazine of Paks II. Ltd. can also be read in electronic form.

On the recommendation of Dr. Attila Csaba Becskeházi, State Secretary responsible for infrastructure development, innovation and localization related to the maintenance of the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the third issue of the corporate magazine of Paks II. Ltd. has been published.

In the editorial of the AtomSphere, János Süli, the minister responsible for the project, analyzes the electricity market situation and summarizes the current issues of the investment. Technical Director Krisztián Szarvas gives an insight into the details of the technical tasks, and the paper also contains further articles on the various phases of planning and licensing. By reading the March issue, the reader will also receive information about the essential service water systems of the new units and the Power Plant Investment Centre, as well as a number of professionals working on the project, as the magazine will also introduce the experts involved in the investment.

The AtomSphere magazine was launched in 2020 by Paks II. Ltd., it is published four times a year in electronic form and in print, in 1,400 copies.