The interest is still strong in Paks II. Academy

3/4/21 7:59 AM
Nearly a hundred have obtained the qualification of a nuclear power plant operation engineer and specialist so far in within the framework of the Paks II. Academy.

Paks II. Ltd. started Paks II. Academy in 2019 with the cooperation of six universities - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the University of Pécs, the University of Debrecen, the University of Miskolc and the University of Dunaújváros. Within the program, professionals are trained in the second year. Some universities started training during autumn, while others now, in a cross-semester system.

István Mittler, the Communications Director of Paks II. Ltd. said that the company responsible for implementation of the two new units had undertaken funding for up to a certain number of students at each university, but there was more interest from several institutions, thus they studied at own cost.

During the first academic year, four universities launched the training of nuclear power plant operation engineering in the autumn and two in the spring. The training ended everywhere, eighty people passed the exam after completing their studies, István Mittler reported on the results. He also added that the next school year will provide an increased amount of support from Paks II. Ltd. and the student limit has also been increased, so that up to 135 people can obtain the qualification of nuclear power plant operation engineer or specialist free of charge.

In the autumn semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, the training started at three universities. At the University of Miskolc and the University of Debrecen, 15-15 people started their studies, while at the University of Dunaújváros there was a lot of interest again, the quota of 25 people was well exceeded and dozens study at their own expense. The University of Pécs and the University of Pannonia are now launching the training in a cross-semester system, with 25 participants at the former university and 15 participants at the latter, all of whom attend the the training with the financial support of Paks II. Ltd.

István Mittler explained that there is a great demand for well-trained professionals everywhere - even in the nuclear industry.

The Paks II. project is the domestic investment of the century. The two new units will provide climate-friendly energy at affordable prices for at least 60 years. A highly skilled workforce is important for their establishment and operation, he outlined.


As detailed, this is why the project company launched Paks II. Academy which offers a quality training program to students after completing their bachelor or master’s degree. Those who complete this further training can establish their future in an industry that will play a key role in Hungary's economy and internationally in the coming decades - pointed out the Communications Director of Paks II. Ltd.