The interest in the traveling exhibit of Paks II. is steady

8/31/18 6:00 AM
There is still a considerable interest in Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.’s interactive truck. During the recently ended summer tour, about twenty thousand interested visited it at eight bigger Hungarian festivals. This year, until now, the traveling exhibition has attracted more than 40.000 visitors

The summer tour of the interactive truck of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. has ended, it started at VOLT in Sopron, followed by Balaton Sound in Zamárdi. Next stops were EFOTT in Velence, Campus Festival in Debrecen and East Fest in Mezőtúr. The truck is inevitable on Sziget where hundreds of thousands are having fun and in Debrecen during the Flower Carnival, and the summer tour was ended on 25 August at SZIN.

During the eight festivals the exhibit of Paks II. had about 20.000 visitors. It hosted the most, like last year, during VOLT Festival, 3.445 interested. The summer daily peak was also here, 728 visitors, but even this number was overtaken, more than 1.000 people on the City Day in Paks, before the summer festival season.

In the first quarter of 2018, the vehicle visited the settlements with a population over 5.000 in Zala, Vas and Győr-Moson-Sopron counties. During this time it had more than 23.000 visitors, along with the festivals, this results in more than 42.000 people. During the autumn-winter tour the exhibit is going to visit the districts of Budapest. This year’s off-tour’s destinations are the Summer Farewell Children’s Day in Dunaföldvár on 1 September, Climate Day in Kaposvár on 21 September, and the Sausage Festival in Békéscsaba between 19-22. October.

Another important feedback beside the outstanding number of visitors is the questionnaire, which could be filled by the visitors of the exhibit. During the January-June period in 2018, 5.100 people filled it. 90% said that they received new information following the visit of the exhibit and they would recommend it to others.

The visitors can gain information about nuclear energy, the currently operating 4 power plant units of the Paks NPP and the establishment of the 2 new Paks NPP units via interactive displays in the internally and externally renewed truck. The interested can gain info regarding the results of the project so far, the significance of the investment, and its social, economic and environmental effects. The guests can see photos of the milestones and events of the Paks II. project. They can also gain knowledge about the 3+ gen. VVER-1200 power plant units among others via short films, and they can have a virtual tour in a nuclear power plant, which is similar to the one designed for Paks. A new element of the exhibit is an augmented reality app, which can be used with a smart phone or the provided tablets to have a virtual flight around the two VVER-1200 units. The visitors can check their knowledge following the exhibit.

The vehicle is open for the interested this year on 208 days with up-to-date information regarding nuclear energy, its domestice use and the new, 3+ gen. nuclear power plant units of Paks.