The information truck's summer roundtrip is nearing its end

8/31/15 6:00 AM
After the Youth Days of Szeged, the Energy Inside Us! interactive information truck arrived to VIDOR festival, where it is awaiting the interested between 31 August and 5 September.

MVM Paks II. Ltd.’s cross-country exhibition already visited 7 music and arts festivals during this summer, where thousands of festivalgoers received information regarding nuclear energy, the current nuclear power plant units and the Paks II. investment.

Besides receiving valuable information during the big summer festivals through the interactive boards and our qualified experts, the interested could test their knowledge on the test machines, and those who wanted to have some rest and relaxation, the Energy Island erected next to the truck provided that opportunity.

Of course we are awaiting everyone at the VIDOR festival in Nyíregyháza until 5 September.