The information truck's autumn-winter roundtrip has ended

12/22/15 7:00 AM
MVM Paks II. Ltd.’s interactive exhibition visited the 41 settlements in the near vicinity of the Paks NPP between 7 September and 18 December 2015.

Following the 8 stations long summer festivaltrip of 2015 the interactive exhibition visited the settlements of the Paks Social Council during the last four months of the year. At each location the interested could expand their knowledge about nuclear energy, gain information about the currently operating Paks nuclear power plant units, get insight of the operation of the national electricity system and also watch the nature photography of the NPP’s environment.

As part of the Paks II. project, every visitor could gain insight into the safety parameters of the new power plant units, the environmental effects of the construction and the operation, the importance of the project’s economic and energetic importance. The visiting guests could see the construction photos of similar nuclear power plants and by watching the a short video, they could also learn something new about the chosen power plant unit. Free, takeaway publications were also part of this exhibition, and everyone could test their previous or newly gained knowledge on quiz machines, and by riding the energy-producing bicycle, one could feel how hard is to produce enough energy to operate a household appliance. Former professionals of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant guided the visitors through the exhibition and answered the emerging questions.

During the 73 days of the autumn-winter roundtrip almost 25.000 people visited the interactive exhibition. The photos shot at the various locations can be seen on the project company’s Facebook page.