The implementation phase of the deep drilling program has ended

6/10/16 6:00 AM
The site works of the Geological Research Program’s (GRS) deep drillings have ended successfully. The night work can be seen on our photos.

The GRS is part of the site investigation and evaluation which aims to identify those – natural and resulting from human activities – circumstances and hazards, which must be taken into consideration during the construction and operation of the new power plant units, then these must be characterized for the design of the power plant and certified for the security.

During the Geological Research Program (in which the structure and composition of the crust is examined) beside several shallow drillings, geotechnical and hydrogeological drillings, eight deep drillings took place in total. The depth of these was no more than 2000 meters per drilling. The last one’s site work has ended at the end of May 2016 next to Madocsa, ending the implementation phase of the deep drilling program. After the removal of the equipment and on-site facilities the area – as was done before with every other drillings – will be restored to its original state and will be given back to the owner.

You can see the photos of the last night’s work below.

Photos: MVM Paks II. Ltd., Tamás Nagy