The favourite truck of the festival-goers has been renewed

7/12/17 6:00 AM
The Paks II. project’s interactive display awaits the festival-goers with a renewed exterior and inner content.

The interactive vehicle displaying nuclear energy and the Paks II. project is still popular, which awaits the interested in 2017 at eight big summer festivals with spectacular new elements, relaxing possibilities and games. Dr. György Mészáros, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVM Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Development Ltd. informed the press regarding the experiences so far at the Velence station of the truck’s summer roundtrip at EFOTT.

The mobile interactive display started its roundtrip in 2009, and since then it has received more than 250 thousand visitors. The information roundtrip continued in the summer of 2017 at 8 big national festivals: the interactive truck has already been to VOLT and Balaton Sound; after checking in at EFOTT, it goes to Campus Festival and East Fest, then it awaits the guests at SZIGET, Debrecen Flower Carnival and SZIN.

Dr. György Mészáros highlighted that according to the two festivals so far the number of visitors grew by about 15% compared to the 2015 numbers. Based on the questionnaire summing up the views of the visitors, more than two-thirds of the fillers thought that nuclear energy is cheap and climate friendly. 90% of the responders gained new info after visiting the display, while 80% thougth it was useful.

The visitors of the truck can get to know about the peaceful use of nuclear energy, the specifics of the four currently operating and the two planned nuclear power plant units of Paks. They can receive new information regarding the results so far of the Paks II. project, significance of the investment and the social, economic and environmental effects and role of the project. By watching short videos, they can get to know the 3+ gen. VVER-1200 nuclear power plant units among others, and take a virtual tour in a nuclear power plant which is similar to the one planned in Paks. The visitors can measure their knowledge of the topic, and those who fill out the test correctly will receive a gift.

By using the bicycle found in the truck, the visitors can experience how much energy you need to operate a household object for a short period. In the energy island tent next to the truck the visitors can charge their mobile phones while relaxing in hammocks or beanbags in the shadows. The interested can win a daily ticket every day for the next station of the truck’s summer trip – this week it’s the Campus festival.