The documents of the public hearing (held on 7 May 2015) became public

6/30/15 6:00 AM
The Baranya County Government Office held a public hearing as part of the environmental licensing process on 7 May 2015 in Paks, and its record was published by the competent authority.

The project company organized public forums between 17 March 2015 and 4 May 2015 in the 41 settlements near the nuclear power plant, where dr. Attila Aszódi Government Commissioner informed the interested about the investment’s current status, the environmental licensing and the results of the Environmental Impact Study. The Government Commissioner, the under-secretaries representing the Prime Minister’s Office and the leaders of the project company answered the arising questions during the events. Beside the forums the company sent a brochure to every household in these 41 settlements and this brochure was displayed as an appendix for several national weekly newspapers as well.

The official public hearing was held on 7 May in Paks with a significant interest. The event’s record was made public electronically by the Baranya County Government Office as required by the 314/2005. (XII. 25.) Goverment Regulation regarding the integrated environmental authorization process.