The cooperation continues with the Western suppliers

4/5/22 3:14 PM
The Western European and US suppliers of the Paks II. investment declared clearly, they want to continue the cooperation.
Source: Parliamentary Press Office

– By having received the confidence in the further work, the Hungarians voted in favor of nuclear power and the Paks II. project, as the government has clearly stated that this is essential for the country's secure energy supply, said János Süli, the minister without portfolio responsible for the Paks II. project. He highlighted that nuclear energy is important in Hungary's energy mix, which was also described as green by the European Commission's draft regulation. – The fulfillment of the climate targets undertaken by Hungary is unthinkable without the two new units. At the same time, nuclear electricity production is a guarantee of cheap electricity – the minister emphasized.

János Süli also mentioned that recently he consulted with the international suppliers of the Paks II. investment, who have indicated that they will continue to work on the Paks project, as international sanctions on Russia do not affect the nuclear field. – The investment will be carried out in international cooperation: the turbine will be supplied by the US-French GE-Alstom and the I&C by the French-German Framatome-Siemens consortium – the minister explained.

Speaking about the progress of the project, János Süli said that based on the application of Paks II. Ltd., the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority extended the validity of the site license by five years, leaving the prescribed conditions unchanged. The company has received building licenses for more than half of the facilities on the construction and erection base, and new documents are expected to be issued in the near future, in possession of which the second, implementation phase of the project may start.