The construction of the cut-off wall is done in continous shifts

8/4/23 8:28 AM
Two machines, working in two shifts, day and night, are building the cut-off wall on the two new units’ site.

Work in the two new units’ site is carried out on a two-shift basis, with 12-hour shifts. The 2.5 km long and one meter thick cut-off wall is being constructed around the clock. The contractor is the Hungarian subsidiary of the German company Bauer. Two different technologies will be used to build the water barrier wall, which will enclose the area of the units in a curtain-like manner. First, the construction of the so-called self-solidifying slurry sections was started, of which more than 300 meters had been completed by the first days of August, and the reinforced concrete wall was also started.

Two MC 76 duty-cycle crawler cranes from Bauer Hungary Ltd. are working on the site.

The role of the cut-off wall is to ensure that groundwater can only enter the working pit in a controlled and minimal way, and to prevent groundwater levels from dropping outside the cut-off wall, which is a key requirement for the four units of the Paks NPP.