The construction licensing for the reactor building begins

12/30/21 12:20 PM
Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. submitted the construction license application for the reactor building of Unit 5 on 30 December to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority.

The National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior participates in the procedure as a competent authority, which examines compliance with fire and disaster protection requirements.

The double-walled containment is the main, reinforced concrete building of the unit, with a diameter of 52 meters and a height of 72 meters. The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority has 150 days to review the construction license application.

Around the containment are the other buildings and structures of the so-called „nuclear island”. The containment is used to house the reactor pressure vessel, the main water circuit, the steam generators, the spent fuel pool and emergency cooling systems, as well as service, auxiliary and control systems.

The task of this double-walled containment is: on the one hand to isolate the systems containing radioactive materials from the environment and on the other hand to protect the technological systems in them against external threats.


The outer reinforced ferro-concrete containment can also protect the inner containment in the event of a crash of a passenger plane. The containment was also designed to withstand a 0,34 g horizontal acceleration earthquake, significant wind loads (eg tornadoes), heat and ice loads, and air pressure from external explosions.

The submission of this license application is another important milestone as the application for a construction license for the Unit 5 reactor building is the first document related to the construction of the building required for the operation of the units.

In 2021 Paks II. Ltd. obtained several important licenses and the license application for the construction of the reactor vessels to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in November.