Technical cooperation agreement with Fennovoima

1/26/18 7:00 AM
The Paks II. project delegation of State Secretary Dr. Attila Aszódi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Miklós Horváth, Head of Cabinet Ferenc Leber and Technical Director Gábor Kovács visited Fennovoima in Helsinki on 24 January 2018. Fennovoima is responsible for the Finnish VVER-1200 construction project. In the frame of the discussions focusing on the current status of the Paks and the Hanhikivi projects the two companies signed a cooperation agreement that is a major milestone in the life of both companies.

Project Director Minna Forsström said after signing the document that for years there has been a good relationship between the Hungarian and Finnish parties with multiple meetings and consultations between the heads of the two projects. Now the signing of a formal cooperation agreement is necessary to inspire the cooperation between the technical staffs of the parties in order to build the best VVER units in the European Union.

Miklós Horváth emphasized the interest of the parties to translate the agreement and its benefits into the level of daily work. There are several decades of successful cooperation between Paks NPP and Loviisa NPP as well proving that exchange of information and experience is very advantageous for companies operating nuclear power plants. Purpose of the cooperation between Paks II. and Fennovoima is the construction of the best and safest units as well as the effective realisation of the projects.

Dr. Attila Aszódi recalled that officials of the two projects have met several times previously. Now, however, the agreement between the two companies will open a new chapter in the cooperation. During the phases of design, licensing, construction and operation the parties are going to face several such common issues, stimulating engineering tasks, which with the tools of experience exchange can be effectively utilised not only by the project companies but by the whole nuclear industry.