Site assessment programme of MVM Paks II. Ltd. begins in Bács-Kiskun County

8/11/14 6:30 AM
As commissioned by MVM Paks II. Ltd., under the site assessment programme required for the establishment of the new nuclear power plant units and guaranteeing their safe operation in the future, 3D seismic measurements have been carried out in several municipalities in the Kalocsa, Paks and Tolna Districts since 15 August, in a total area of 294 km2. The Company gave an account of the technical parameters and timing of the measurements at a press conference, and made a clear promise to pay full compensation for possible damage.

The preparation of the geophysical measurements began around Dunapataj, Dunaszentbenedek, Foktő, Géderlak, Kalocsa, Ordas and Uszód in Bács-Kiskun County on 1 August, then it is continuing around Dunaszentgyörgy, Gerjen, Madocsa, Paks, Pusztahencse, Tengelic and Fadd in Tolna County from 15 August, in a total area of about 294 km2. As commissioned by MVM Paks II. Ltd., the Polish Geofyzika Torun S. A. and its Hungarian subcontractor, TDE Services LLC, carry out the works. The explorations were authorised by the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology through the Pécs Regional Mining Authority, and the implementation works were started by taking into account the conditions and restrictions set by the authorities and specialist authorities as set out in the exploration licence. The explorations are necessary for the site assessment of the two new nuclear power plant units planned to be established on the site of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant; these measurements and the further steps of preparation will provide grounds for the long-term safe operation of the new generation units.

During the 3D seismic measurements, survey points are staked out, sensor cables and vibration detectors (geophones) are placed on the ground, then vibrations are generated artificially with what are called self-propelled vibration vehicles and small amounts of explosives placed at shallow depths at a few test points outside inhabited areas. Reflected back deep from the ground, the vibration waves provide valuable information on the stratification and tectonic conditions of the ground and the rocks at depth. In Bács-Kiskun County, staking out in the field is to start on 15 August 2014, and the measurements are expected to be carried out between 25 August and 20 October.

During the first stage of the measurement programme, i.e. the installation of the vibration detectors and their cables, the test area has to be partially cleared of tall agricultural crops, such as sunflower and maize, in a 2-metre wide strip. The owners of the affected plots of land were preliminarily informed about this as well as of the fact that the contractor company would pay compensation for all relevant damage they may incur. The geodesy experts will use their best efforts to minimise the impact of their activities on the natural and built environment and real properties. Should any damage still be incurred to a real property, the contractor company will assess it in accordance with the legislation in force and will indemnify the owner within 30 days. MVM Paks II. Ltd. will assume full liability for such indemnification, and has accumulated provisions for possible payments.

MVM Paks II. Ltd. informed the municipalities about the works in advance (in April 2013 then in June 2014), and the contractor TDE Services LLC has already contacted the owners and users of the plots of land affected by geophysical measurements prior to the commencement of the works, and has informed them about where, when and in what form they can announce their possible indemnification claims.

The executives of MVM Paks II. Ltd. also hold resident information meetings in all municipalities concerned: on 11 August in Kalocsa and Dunapataj, on 12 August in Madocsa and Ordas, on 13 August in Géderlak and Dunaszentbenedek, and on 14 August in Uszód and Foktő.

We have set up a toll-free green number (+36-80/629-922), on which all those interested can get answers to their questions and remarks relating to the exploration. Furthermore, we published brief information on the reason for, and timing and process of, the measurements and the dates and times of the public forums on the websites of all municipalities concerned and on that of MVM Paks II. Ltd.