Seismic monitoring network has been commissioned

3/3/16 7:00 AM
The new monitoring network was constructed due to the Geological Research Program (part of the construction of the new units) detected the earthquake on Sumatra on 2 March 2016. The data of the five new monitoring stations can be found on the internet.

The monitoring station in Pusztahencse

As part of the Paks II. Geological Research Program a new microseismic monitoring network was built which can measure with a high sensitivity next to the site.

In the 30 km area of the site of the new units a few days ago 5 new microseismic monitoring stations were deployed, their measured data can be found online constantly, by clicking on the links: PKB1 monitoring station (Előszállás), PKB2 monitoring station (Akasztó), PKB3 monitoring station (Császártöltés), PKB4 monitoring station (Kölesd), PKB5 monitoring station (Pusztahencse).

The sensitivity and efficiency of the monitoring network is exemplied by the fact that the stations could measure the earthquake in Sumatra from thousands of kilometers on 2 March 2016.

The seismogram generated from the digital data of the Előszállás PKB1 microseismic monitoring station (Source: HUN-Reng)

The measurement results important in terms of site licensing can be found online later on website of the Hungarian Seismic Information System.