Preparation of the new nuclear power plant units progresses as planned

4/28/15 6:00 AM
Under the general contractor agreement signed in December 2014, the design of the two new reactor units at Paks and the preparation of their construction began in January 2015. As part of this, it is necessary, among other things, to adapt the designs of the new units to the inherent conditions of the site and to prepare the licence applications

In the past four months, a number of expert-level consultations helped the process currently underway. The staff of the Russian general contractor, ASE-NIAEP, the principal, MVM Paks II Nuclear Power Plant Development Ltd., and the Prime Minister’s Office held a quarterly evaluation meeting for the second time on 28 April 2015. As part of it, Mr Valeriy Limarenko, Chief Executive of the general contractor company, visited Paks and was received by Dr Attila Aszódi, Government Commissioner responsible for the maintenance of the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

After the talks, the specialists visited the future construction site of the new units of the nuclear power plant and also inspected the construction staging area. The preparation of the site assessments required for determining the design basis is also underway, and the on-site assessments will begin shortly.