Paks II. Ltd. on virtual job fairs

3/5/21 12:35 PM
Jobseekers can meet Paks II. Ltd. at two virtual job fairs in March.

The company responsible for the construction of the two new nuclear power plant units is a traditional participant in job fairs. Paks II. Ltd.'s offers can be found at the online event of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics this month, as well as at the JOB4me virtual job fair.

JOB4me, where Paks II. Ltd.'s virtual stand is also waiting for those looking for new career opportunities, will be held on 10-11 March online. The target group of the event is active jobseekers, those thinking about changing jobs, passive jobseekers, ie active workers open to career developments; those interested in engineering, IT and economic opportunities; those with at least intermediate language skills; it also includes students in higher education and those with work experience and professional qualifications as well.

On 17-18 March, Paks II. will be waiting for those interested at the Online BME Job Fair at its virtual stand with open positions and career opportunities. At both events, visitors can contact the company’s staff, who, in addition to job offers, will also provide information about the project.

The Company's current job opportunities are also available on the career portal.