Paks II. Ltd. is the active participant of job fairs

10/8/21 6:25 AM
The stand of Paks II. generated a great interest at the job fair of the Óbuda University. The company will appear at several similar events in the coming weeks.

Paks II. Ltd. awaited job-seekers for two days at the job fair of the Óbuda University, on 5 October on the Óbuda, and on 6 October on the Pest campus. Hundreds visited the company’s stand and learnt about the current career opportunities beside the actualities of the project. 

– Our colleagues company experienced outstanding interest in various fields on both days: university students and newcomers were mainly interested in the internship offered by the company and part-time job opportunities, but many were also curious about the technical details of the project, commented István Mittler, Communications Director of Paks II. Ltd. He added that the design, construction and operation of a nuclear power plant are all exciting tasks that are of interest to many young people.

The Paks II. investment requires a large number of well-trained professionals, offering them a career opportunity, spanning the entire lifetime of the project.


In the coming weeks the job-seekers can find Paks II. Ltd. on several events: on 13-14 October at Műegyetem Job Fair, on 20-21 October on the JOB4me virtual event and on 27 October at the job fair of the University of Debrecen. The employees of Paks II. Ltd. will also await job-seekers in November at the University of Dunaújváros.

The company also provides online information about the current career opportunities on the career page.