Paks II. Ltd. attended a career orientation day

1/14/22 3:24 PM
The students of the Energy Technical School and College (ESZI) were also able to find out about the opportunities offered by Paks II. Ltd. at the school's career orientation day.

The lectures of the employees of Paks II. Ltd., alumni of ESZI spiced up the career day of ESZI a little bit. Following the general briefing of Balázs Szeri, senior communications specialist, two experts from the Electrical Department, Kristóf Blatt and Márk Tamás Horváth, shared their experiences about the journey that led them to the Paks II. project. The company's uniquely designed stand also appeared at the event, where, in addition to career opportunities, those interested could get acquainted with the current events of the project.

Paks II. Ltd. operates a number of human resources programs: the scholarship program for university and college students and students of ESZI is popular, and an internship opportunity is also sought after, during which a mentor assists the young person with a professional internship. In addition, Paks II offers part-time work opportunities for students participating in the master's program of certain courses, who are about to obtain a diploma. In this way, students can get to know the industry during their studies, and after completing their studies, they have the opportunity to fill a starting position, depending on the current staffing requirements.