Paks II’s interactive information truck is on its way again

9/8/15 6:00 AM
MVM Paks II. Ltd.’s interactive information truck started its autumn-winter roundtrip on 7 September 2015 on the 41 settlements of the Paks Social Council. Dr. Attila Aszódi, government commissioner for the maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant held a press conference in Kalocsa on 8 September about the experiences from the summer festivals and the autumn-winter schedule.

Even those who cannot visit the Paks Nuclear Power Plant’s Visitor’s Centre, can get to know the nuclear energy and the Paks II. investment thanks to the interactive information truck which is cruising the country since 2009. The mobile exhibition hosted almost 230.000 visitors since 2009 autumn.

Dr. Attila Aszódi government commissioner told at the press conference, that not only the vehicle’s appearence („Energy Inside Us!”) was renewed, but its content as well. Like in the previous years, the lorry awaited the interested in 2015 during several summer festivals – Orfű during the Fishing on Orfű, VOLT, Balaton Sound, EFOTT, Valley of Arts, Debrecen Flower Carnival, Youth Days of Szeged and VIDOR festival. During this summer more than ten thousand festivalgoers could gain information about the safety systems of the new power plant units and the environmental impacts of the establishment and the operation. The most popular exhibition materials were the information materials about the prime contractor Rosatom’s nuclear power plant constructions and the short video about the new III+ unit type.

The visitors could answer a short questionnaire of 5 questions during the festivals. Two third of the almost 1000 responders who participated willingly in this non-representative survey thinks that in the following decades we need nuclear and renewable energy to secure our electric energy needs safely, cheap and without emitting harmful substances. More than 90% of the visitors found the exhibition useful, and the majority would even recommend it for others to watch.

Thanks to the decision based on the experiences of the summer roundtrip, the lorry will visit the 41 settlements of the Paks Social Council between September 2015 and December 2015. The autumn-winter roundtrip started 7 September in Kalocsa and will end 18 December in Paks. Dr. József Bálint, mayor of Kalocsa expressed his joy at the press conference held in the city’s town hall that the information lorry starts its autumn-winter roundtrip in his city, on the Kalocsa side of the Danube.

The government commissioner told at the press conference that project of the establishment of the new power plant units goes ahead according to the schedule, the Russian partner is drawing up plans, while on Hungary’s side the international section of the environmental approval and the Geological Research Program are currently done. In order to begin the construction of the new nuclear power plant units in 2018, environmental, site and establishment approval are needed.

Dr. Attila Aszódi government commissioner highlighted: the nuclear energy is „clean energy” – the nuclear power plant does not emit carbin-dioxid during its operation, so the Paks II. investment subserves Hungary’s climate change target.

Kalocsa, 8 September 2015.