Once again, an electricity system record was broken

2/3/22 3:58 PM
This much electricity was never consumed in a month in Hungary before as in January.

Since the middle of last December, the historical records of the Hungarian electricity system have been broken, MAVIR Ltd. reported on its website. According to the recent data, we have never consumed as much electricity – 4470,9 gigawatt hours - in Hungary in one month as in January 2022.

As stated in the system operator's announcement, in just over a month, on 25 January, the record of gross system load was broken at 7396 MW, which was half a percent higher than the record of 7361 MW measured on 9 December last year. Probably the persistently low temperature in January also played an important role in the fact that the total gross electricity consumption of the country reached another peak in January.

The prior month's record for total gross electricity consumption was in 2020, also in January, which was 4345,2 GWh, we used 2,82% more, 4470,9 GWh of energy in the first month of the year.