Nuclear Forum in Nagykanizsa

1/26/18 7:00 AM
Nuclear energy and the Paks II. project were the main topics at the „Nuclear Forum in Nagykanizsa” event held on 26 January 2018 in Nagykanizsa, in the Medgyaszay House.

Mayor Sándor Dénes highlighted to the more than 100 participants the major role of the Paks II. interactive truck – which has been to the city for 4 days already – in informing the public. He underlined that for a secure electricity supply, nuclear energy and renewables are needed.

Mayor Sándor Dénes (Nagykanizsa)

János Süli, the minister responsible for the Paks II. investment said in his greeting the new nuclear power plant units of Paks represent the so-called 3+ generation, Fukushima-safe technology. These units have a double-walled protection building, that protect the environment and the equipment inside as well. The minister emphasized the electricity need had a 2,5% growth last year (compared to the 2016 data), and the record of annual consumption of electricity reached a new record with it. These indicate that the question isn’t whether we need new nuclear power plant units, but what other power plants we need to build for a secure electricity supply.
Minister without Portfolio János Süli
Chairman of Energy Policy 2000, the organizer of the event, dr. Márton Járosi also emphasized in his speech how important it is to build the new nuclear power plant units and other power plants as well in a supply security point of view. Dr. Márton Járosi also highlighted that in Germany famous for rejecting nuclear energy, the price of electricity is more than 90 HUF/kWh, while in Hungary where nuclear energy has a great share, it is only 35 HUF/kWh. This also supports that nuclear energy is one of the basic pillars of cheap electricity.

Dr. Márton Járosi
Pál Kovács, the Minister’s Chief of Cabinet described the National Energy Strategy with a European perspective. At the beginning of his lecture he highlighted that 61,5% of our domestic electricity generation of CO2-free, thanks to the joint use of Paks Nuclear Power Plant and renewables. Regarding the National Energy Strategy he said that its goal and task is the sustainable development, competitiveness and ensuring security of supply. He underlined that Paks II. is the  key to preserve our national sovereignty.

The Minister’s Chief of Cabinet Pál Kovács
István Lenkei, CEO of Paks II. Ltd. described the importance of the project, highlighting that the new units guarantee a cheap, secure, climate friendly electricity generation. Regarding the actualities he said, this year the construction of the staging area’s buildings will begin, and the establishment license application will be submitted in 2018 as well, and following the positive judgement at the end of 2019, the construction of the new units will begin in 2020. 
CEO István Lenkei
Péter Cseresnyés, State Secretary for Labour Market and Training, representative of Nagykanizsa and its region, said regarding the effects of Paks II. projects on labor market, the investment ensures about ten thousand jobs during the construction directly and indirectly. The State Secretary said, the region of Nagykanizsa will be able to join the project in the field of water treatment and equipment.

State Secretary Péter Cseresnyés
The media personnel’s questions were answered in great detail during the press conference following the forum.
Press conference following the forum