News from the Atomexpo

6/3/15 6:00 AM
A lot of important information was revealed at the Atomexpo in Moscow regarding the establishment of the new nuclear power plant units of Paks.

Dr. Attila Aszódi, Government Commissioner for maintaining the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Plant, emphasized in the event: the nuclear energy has a key role in maintaining the electricity-supply in long term in Hungary. He also highlighted that nuclear energy is expected to be a part of the energy portfolio until the end of this century, and the two new Paks units will play a key role, because they supply the population and the industry with cheap electricity. The Government Commissioner said that – regarding the education of nuclear energy professionals – there is no need for new institutes or courses, but the current infrastructure needs an increase in capacity and the youth should be involved in the system – emphasising the region.

Sergei Kiriyenko, CEO of Rosatom said during the press conference of Atomexpo that Rosatom is satisfied with the preparation of the Paks II. investment, which goes according to the schedule.

Alexander Kazarin, Deputy CEO of the Atomprojekt design company, Head of the Department for Pressurized Water Reactors, told the Hungarian press that the type approval plans for the Paks II. project should be finished by July 2016, and should be handed over to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority by the project company. Kazarin also highlighted that the security and controltechnological concept of the project is already finished, and the design and safety principle is based upon this.