MVM Paks II. Ltd. holds a public hearing

5/5/14 6:00 AM
Organised by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Agency (HAEA), MVM Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Development Ltd. held a successful public hearing on 5 May 2014 in connection with the authorisation of the site assessment and evaluation of the new nuclear power plant units in the council hall of the Mayor’s Office of the town of Paks. The public hearing was carried out successfully, in accordance with the statutory regulations.

At the event, after the welcoming remarks of Gyula Fichtinger, Director-General of the HAEA, József Eck, Project Management Director, gave a presentation on behalf of MVM Paks II. Ltd., followed by Mihály Lehota, Head of the Project Division of the HAEA. József Eck presented the statutory background of licensing, the site and the considerations for assessing its suitability. He provided detailed information about the elements, bases, verification and extent of the site assessment and evaluation programme and, at the same time, also outlined the licensing procedure. After the presentation of the Project Management Director of MVM Paks II. Ltd., Mihály Lehota gave an account of the statutory background of licensing, the relationship and sequence of the various licences and permits, and described the assessment areas associated with licensing.

After the presentations, those attending had an opportunity to ask questions about the subject, which the representatives of the HAEA and MVM Paks II. Ltd. and the independent experts invited by the Company were pleased to answer. Representatives of the political party LMP, Greenpeace and the Energy Club turned out to be the most vocal participants. The majority of the questions focused on cooling solutions and the consequences of climate change, but the representatives and experts of the HAEA and MVM Paks II. Ltd. cleared up the misconceptions in this area, providing exhaustive information.