MVM Paks II Ltd. held 40 public forums on Environmental Impact Study

4/24/15 6:00 AM
MVM Paks II Ltd. launched a series of public forums in connection with environmental permitting in Kalocsa on 17 March. The series of events affecting 40 municipalities around Paks was ended in Bikács on 23 April. One additional public forum will be held in Paks on 4 May and an official public hearing on 7 May.

The project company responsible for the establishment of the new nuclear power plant units and the Prime Minister’s Office exercising ownership rights held public forums in 40 municipalities (Kalocsa, Foktő, Dusnok, Fajsz, Bátya, Uszód, Dunaszentbenedek, Géderlak, Ordas, Dunapataj, Hajós, Miske, Drágszél, Homokmégy, Szakmár, Öregcsertő, Újtelek, Harta, Dunatetétlen, Solt, Dunaföldvár, Németkér, Bölcske, Madocsa, Gerjen, Dunaszentgyörgy, Bogyiszló, Fadd, Szekszárd, Tolna, Fácánkert, Szedres, Tengelic, Kajdacs, Sárszentlőrinc, Pusztahencse, Nagydorog, Györköny, Pálfa and Bikács) around Paks between 17 March and 23 April, which were attended by more than 2,700 interested members of the public in total. At the events, Dr Attila Aszódi, Government Commissioner responsible for the maintenance of the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, gave presentations about the project aimed at the establishment of the new nuclear power plant units, the licensing processes and the results of the Environmental Impact Statement. After the provision of detailed and illustrative information, the Government Commissioner, the State Secretaries present on behalf of the Government and the executives of MVM Paks II Ltd. answered questions asked by those interested. 

The issue of a bridge over the Danube at Kalocsa was regularly raised at the forums organised on the Kalocsa side of the Danube, which residents consider an important condition of their active participation in the project, and the issues of safety and the cooling of the units were also recurrent topics. On the Paks side, the questions also focused on the topics of safety and cooling, but frequent topics were the methods of management, storage and recovery of spent fuel assemblies and radioactive wastes as well as the utilisation of the subsidy system relating to the nuclear power plant, specialised higher education and vocational training, and the accommodation available in the municipalities around Paks in connection with the project.

After the 40 municipalities around Paks, a public forum will also be held in the town on 4 May, then an official public hearing will be held also in Paks on 7 May from 5.00 p.m. by the competent authority, the Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation Division of the Government Office for Baranya County. The venue for both events is the theatre hall of ‘Csengey Dénes’ Cultural Centre.