MVM Paks II. Ltd. granted site assessment and evaluation permit

11/19/14 7:00 AM
The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA) has issued a site assessment and evaluation permit for the new nuclear power plant units to be established on the Paks site.

The Pécs Regional Mining Authority participated in the permitting procedure, which evaluated the assessment programme of MVM Paks II. Ltd. from a geotechnical and geological point of view. The HAEA also requested the opinion of the expert group of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the scientific council that assists the Director-General of the HAEA in relation to major issues. Within the procedure, a public hearing was also held in May, where interested visitors received information and could ask questions and make remarks about the issues.

At the end of the licensing procedure, a decision was made concerning the issue of a site assessment and evaluation permit for the new nuclear power plant units. It is a condition of this, among others, that the project company is obliged to provide information about the process every two months in the assessment stage, and it has to prepare an evaluation report, which will serve as a basis for the licensing of the site, at the end of the assessment programme.

According to Gyula Fichtinger, Director-General of the HAEA, the site assessment will take about one year and a half. As a result, it can be established whether the designated site is suitable for the construction of the new nuclear power plant units, and the factors that are required for the verification of the suitability of the design data will be determined. The assessment and evaluation programme will be closed upon the acquisition of a site licence.