Ministers from countries supporting nuclear energy met in Brussels

3/29/23 10:14 AM
Before the Energy Council meeting in Brussels, ministers from the 12 countries of the „nuclear alliance” met to agree on the best possible EU regulations for the operation and construction of nuclear power plants in Europe.

A nuclear coalition was formed within the European Union, led by France and involving twelve countries, met in Brussels before the Council of Energy Ministers. The parties agreed to work closely together against artificial, ideology-based negative discrimination against nuclear energy. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said a great example for this is that the last time a European bank financed nuclear development was back in 1987.

The members of this nuclear alliance are developing common training systems to increase Europe's nuclear capacity, and are working to simplify the EU regulatory framework and licensing processes that currently hinder and slow down new nuclear power projects.

Regarding the above, Péter Szijjártó highlighted that „in order to avoid unreasonable and extreme price fluctuations, more and more nuclear investments are needed across Europe, and therefore we urge that subsidised loans should be available for these projects in a fair and equitable manner”.

The minister made it clear once again: it is fake news that Hungary would replace the Contractor of the Paks II. project. „We are committed to implement the contract signed with Rosatom nine years ago. The increase in the role of the French Framatome concerns the supply of the I&C system, since its German consortium partner, Siemens Energy has not yet been granted an export license due to political reasons”.