Last year was full of energy records

1/24/22 2:02 PM
In 2021, the former peak gross system load and total annual gross electricity consumption was broken.

Regarding the most important indicators of the Hungarian electricity system, 2021 was a year of records. Despite the pandemic situation, the previous peak of gross system load and total annual gross electricity consumption has been overturned, reported MAVIR Ltd. on its webpage.

Last year, the loads measured in the electricity system were characterized by growing consumer demand as a continuation of the pre-2020 trend, the analysts of the system operator wrote. The absolute domestic record of 7361 megawatts was recorded by MAVIR on 9 December 2021, starting at 4:45 p.m., with an average daily temperature of 0,8 °C. The clear reason for the increase is the increase in the number and consumption of industrial and household as well as smaller business customers in all distribution areas. However, despite the relatively mild weather in winter, the excessive consumption of decorative lighting and summer air conditioning can cause exceptionally high values.

The value of the preliminary total gross electricity consumption registered by MAVIR in 2021 was 46923 terrawatt hours, which is also an absolute record value even though it does not yet include the production of small household-sized power plants (hkme). The average annual increase was 3,96%, while the annual increase adjusted for the estimated heat production and the leap-day was 5,09%.