Joint Research Centre: nuclear energy is a safe and sustainable energy source

3/31/21 11:47 AM
The European Commission's scientific service has deemed nuclear energy a safe and clean energy source.

Nuclear energy fully complies with previously defined EU environmental criteria, is a safe and sustainable source of energy – was written in a recent study by the European Commission's scientific service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Fidesz MEP András Gyürk stated in a statement to the MTI that the report of the Joint Research Centre clearly confirmed the correctness of Hungary's climate and energy policy.

The European Commission has been working for more than a year on a list of activities that can be considered sustainable under a strict set of environmental criteria, the statement said. In 2020, the Brussels institution entrusted its scientific service, the Joint Research Centre, with an independent analysis of the situation of nuclear energy.

According to the communique, a study by the Joint Research Centre clearly states that nuclear energy fully meets the environmental criteria set out previously.

The JRC notes that like renewables, nuclear energy is an environmentally friendly technology. Using nuclear energy, it is safe to produce large amounts of cheap electricity without emitting harmful substances.

Hungary has recently argued along with several EU Member States, including France, for the long-term, sustainable use of nuclear energy in connection with the European Commission's draft legislation. According to the Hungarian standpoint, the principle of technology neutrality and the right of Member States to determine their own energy mix, including nuclear energy, must be respected, the statement recalls.