János Süli took his ministerial oath

5/18/18 6:00 AM
János Süli took his ministerial oath in the Parliament. The minister without portfolio responsible for the design, construction and installation of the two new nuclear power plant units of Paks continues his governmental work he started in May 2017.

The oath of the ministers of the new government at the plenary session of the Parliament on 18 May 2018. MTI Photo: Noémi Bruzák

Before his ministerial oath of 18 May János Süli spoke about the actualities of the project at the Parliament’s Economic Committee’s and Sustainable Development Committee’s sessions on 15 May. This year's major task will be the submit of the implementation license application, adding that the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority will assess some 300,000 pages of documentation with the involvement of international experts. Based on this the investment will receive the permit at the end of 2019 or early 2020, so the 2026-27 deadline can be held. He reminded that two important licenses, environmental and site permits, as well as around 300 smaller permits are already in the possession of the company.

János Süli at the Economic Committee’s session 

János Süli emphasized that the implementation of the new Paks units is justified, because Hungary has had to purchase 30% of the electricity consumed in the last few years. The European power plant park is getting older as the domestic demand for industrial and residential power is growing, which poses a high risk to the country. As he said, it is no longer a question whether to build Paks II., but what will be the next energy element of electricity supply.