János Süli: The new nuclear power plant units will be ready on time

7/5/18 6:00 AM
The new nuclear power plant units will be ready on time without any technical or safety compromises – said János Süli, the minister responsible for the Paks II. investment at the Parliament’s Economic Committee’s external meeting. Erik Bánki, president of the committee highlighted: the realization of the Paks II. project is a national economic interest, and the guarantee for the long-term, cheap supply of electricity.

The Parliament’s Economic Committee held an external meeting on 5 July 2018 in Paks, where every delegated Party represented itself. The committee members visited the visitors’ centre of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and the operating area, then checked the staging area of the new nuclear power plant units and the works of the 22/11 kV transformer station before the session.

Following the visit the external meeting of Paks was held, where János Süli reported the actualities of the Paks II. project. The minister responsible for the investment confirmed the new units will be ready on time. He added: the Russian Contractior deems the Paks II. project as a priority project.

János Süli told among others, that the currently the most important task is to compile the implementation license application’s documentation which is more than several hundred thousand pages long.

Answering representatives’ questions, the minister pointed out: nuclear safety is more important than anything else, there’s no compromise in technical questions. He said the realization of the new units is fixed in the contract, and the return of the project was confirmed by the European Committee’s competition decision. He added that the Russian and Hungarian Parties work together to reach the 40% of Hungarian supplier’s share.

Prof. Dr. Attila Aszódi state secretary explained that based on a very detailed site survey, the site is suitable for the erection of the new units.

István Lenkei, CEO of Paks II. Ltd. answered a question and underlined the new units will meet the strictest safety regulations and requirements.

Following the committee’s session Erik Bánki president and János Süli minister summarized at a press conference what was said for the media representatives. Erik Bánki, president of the Economic Committee emphasized: the construction of the new units is necessary, the realization of the Paks II. project is a national interest. As he said, it is important that the domestic electricity need of the economy and the population is supplied by cheap, national electricity. He added, the share of import has been about 30% for a long time, but this year there was a time when it exceeded 50%. János Süli said regarding the committee session, that transparency is of high importance regarding the project, that’s why an external meeting was held here in Paks and why the committee members visited the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.