János Süli thanked the healthcare workers

7/2/21 2:30 PM
An unusual, thank-you reception was held on the occasion of Semmelweis Day in Szekszárd, at the headquarters of Ferropatent.

On the initiative of the chair-CEO of the Szekszárd Ferropatent Group, Sándor Szabó, and the minister responsible for the Paks II. project, János Süli, there was a thank-you reception in Szekszárd on Thursday on Semmelweis Day. The event paid tribute to the outstanding achievements in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Those invited to the reception received a commemorative plaque for their work in the recent months, and hospital directors, chief physicians, company executives, and representatives of law enforcement agencies received a diploma.

Sándor Szabó was the first to thank the doctors, nurses, paramedics and all the employees who performed a special task in the defense. Afterwards, minister János Süli also mentioned that he himself had to be hospitalized due to the coronavirus. He highlighted that he had personally experienced the superhuman steadfastness of health workers. We can’t thank you enough for what we’ve done for the past year and a half - the minister thanked those present and through them all their colleagues, who wore apron as co-host, grabbing wooden spoons for the family-style cooking.