International professional recognition for the interactive truck of Paks II.

5/15/18 6:00 AM
Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. received a high degree of recognition: the company received a diploma in the Public Communication category at Atomexpo Awards finals.

The Paks II. Ltd. applied for the competition with the interactive information truck. The recognition was received by Chief Executive Officer István Lenkei in Sochi, Russia on 14 May at one of the largest conferences and exhibitions in the nuclear industry, the tenth Atomexpo. The first prize in this category was won by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited.

As a mobile visitor center, the interactive information truck has been visiting various settlements, festivals and events in the country since 2009 so that more people can learn about nuclear energy, its importance, its safe and environmentally friendly use, its role in domestic power generation, the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and the Paks II. investment. The purpose of the operation of the truck is to make this information available to those who can not access the Paks Information and Visitor Center, which also provides extensive information. Since October 2009, the exhibition has attracted about 300.000 visitors.

The interactive truck during the festival season

The Atomexpo exhibition was held in Sochi on the Black Sea coast this year, with industry leaders from 68 countries. At the jubilee event, the Atomexpo Awards and diplomas were first awarded. The international recognition of the five categories was given to those actors and companies working in the nuclear sector who contributed to the development of the sector during their work, and this has served the development of humanity.