Important milestones in the Paks II. project

9/18/15 6:00 AM
The European Commission’s commissioner for climate action and energy informed the Hungarian government that the Paks II. investment is consistent with the goals of the Euratom Treaty, the project fulfills the objectives of the climate policy and supply security of Hungary and the European Union, and it also meets the technical and nuclear security requirements.

Dr. Attila Aszódi, government commissioner for the maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant told in his interview for beside the above mentioned things, that the project does not contain illegal state aid. The commissioner said the construction of the new power plant units will pan out and it will make a profit. Attila Aszódi pointed out regarding Germany’s Energiewende that the support of the renewable energy costs more than 20 billion Euros each your to the German people, which would be enough to construct two new nuclear power plant units twice a year. The government commissioner also mentioned the international public hearings starting next week, which will be held according to the international phase of the environmental approval.

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