Hundreds of interested university students in Győr

11/22/16 7:00 AM
Dr. Attila Aszódi, Government Commissioner for the maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant held a lecture regarding the actualities of the Paks II. project on 21 November 2016 for the strongly interested students of Széchenyi István University in Győr.

The almost 200 students and their teachers were seated in the Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre’s lecture hall, completely filling it. They could gain some insight into the world of climate-friendly electricity generation and the e-mobility, and they also learnt some news about the current situation of the preparation for the construction of the new nuclear power plant units. After finishing the 70 minutes long presentation, the government commissioner answered several – professional – questions in great detail. Dr. Attila Aszódi noted, he’ll find an occasion to meet those 150-200 further interested who couldn’t get into the hall due to its limited capacity.