Houseful of suppliers’ conference in Budapest

11/21/17 7:00 AM
Hungarian and international companies could find first-hand information on Paks II. project at Atomex Europe 2017. Budapest hosted Rosatom’s suppliers’ conference for the second time.

Rosatom never offers a technology that was previously unsuccessful in Russia – said Kirill Komarov in Budapest, at Atomex-Europe 2017 suppliers’ conference. The first deputy to the CEO of Rosatom Russian energy group also talked about the need for transparent procurement procedures for the 40 percent participation of Hungarian suppliers in the Paks II. project. Kirill Komarov added: Russia is expected to issue 15 large tenders in 2018 worth a total of about 2 billion EUR, including equipment for transportation and construction work. He also told these would be open tenders that would comply with EU laws.

In order to achieve the climate protection goals, there is a need for green energy as well as nuclear energy, Komarov said. Following this, János Süli, minister without portfolio responsible for the design, construction and installation of the two new nuclear power plant units of Paks, said that the new units could operate with high utilization due to the 18 months fuel cycles and will help reduce Hungary’s carbon dioxide emissions. The minister explained that Hungary, unlike Austria can not rely on hydropower thus the units of Paks have a major role in climate protection. János Süli underlined: nuclear energy plays an important role in this, not opposed to, but with the renewable energies.

The minister added: the two new units create jobs and provide sustainable, long-term economic development with affordable energy. He said the future is not about cheap labor, but about cheap electricity and well-paid labor.

The participants of Atomex-Europe 2017 suppliers’ conference could get information among other things about the nuclear power plants investments of Rosatom, supplier opportunities and requirements, nuclear certification, the tasks and current state of the Paks II. project through domestic and foreign specialists presentations.