Gergely Jákli: We can benefit from the experience of the Turkish nuclear power plant construction

4/28/23 9:39 AM
The experience gained in Akkuyu is valuable for the Paks project, as similar technology units are being implemented in Hungary.

The experience gained from the Turkish nuclear power plant construction is important for Paks II, Gergely Jákli, Chairman-CEO of Paks II. Ltd. told journalists on Thursday at the event held on-site on the occasion of the arrival of the first fuel delivery of the Turkish NPP. As reported by MTI Hungarian News Agency, Gergely Jákli said it is worth observing how the construction site handles the problems that arise, how logistics and the necessary infrastructure are organized to ensure a smooth construction.

Regarding the experts who will operate the Paks II. nuclear power plant, he said that they will be available when needed, as their training is an integral part of the project. The training of the instructors who will train the professionals of the new units is already underway – he added. 

The CEO noted that the workforce needs will vary from one phase of the project to another, with the number reaching up to 10 000 at peak times.

At the current phase of the Paks II. project, the site preparation is ongoing, while the design and licensing process is also ongoing. The preparation of the cut-off wall works, which is a very important part of the project, is underway – said Gergely Jákli.

He also said that nuclear projects are currently exempted from EU sanctions against Russia, but if conditions change, they will have to be implemented into the thinking and planning of the process to allow the continuation of the construction of the nuclear power plant.

The nuclear profession is based on regulated procedures, safety analysis, different scenarios for safety reasons, and we need to be prepared for all possible scenarios in the context of sanctions, but at the moment it is not timely – the Chairman-CEO said.