Gergely Jákli: This is a nuclear power plant with international cooperation

4/3/23 2:00 PM
Why is the international cooperation important? How can we move forward in an ever-changing geopolitical situtation? Among many others, Chairman-CEO Gergely Jákli talks about these topics in the newest issue of Paks II. Ltd’s AtomSphere.

The goal still remains to build a safely operable nuclear power plant in the shortest possible time, so there hasn’t been any change of direction following the changes in the management of Paks II. Ltd. – Gergely Jákli said in his interview in AtomSphere. The Chairman-CEO of the company added that at the same time, the relationship with the Owner and the responsibilities were also redefined. The change of structure has shortened the decision-making chain and increased the responsibility of Paks II. Ltd. as the project company in direct proportion.

We are managing a long-term investment in an ever-changing economic and political surrounding. The rigorously embedded piles give the image of stability, but they also tie our hands and make it more difficult to move the project forward.

– Time is of the essence, because we need base load power, and the organization has been given the necessary authority under the current management model, under the current system of ownership, to put its proposals for change to the decision-makers. The fate of the project is in our hands – said the Chairman-CEO, adding that if small changes are made in all areas, they will not simply add up, but will be multiplied. But the one factor that cannot be ignored is the issue of nuclear safety.

Gergely Jákli also said that we have to be prepared to live and work in an environment full of sanctions. – We have to constantly monitor what is happening in the world, so that we can identify the risks and be able to react immediately – he said.

However – he pointed out – this is a nuclear power plant being built in Hungary in an international cooperation, with plenty of Western suppliers. It is a well-established construction that Rosatom, which has the world's leading technology, adds various components from Western European and American suppliers to its primary circuit technology.

Russian primary circuit and European I&C are tried and tested technologies. We are committed to move forward with the project with Rosatom, and our suppliers – both Framatome and Siemens – are also committed to implement our project. 

The Chairman-CEO of Paks II. Ltd. said that this kind of international political intervention and influence on the project is unfortunate. For a nuclear power plant, the choice of technological components should be determined by safety-driven technical requirements, not by politics.

The full interview can be read here.