Generations together in the Paks II. project

5/6/21 12:33 PM
It is a lucky pairing when decades of professional experience and local knowledge meet. Gábor Tari and Péter Pach work with this professional approach.
Gábor Tari and Péter Pach


In November 2020, the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) issued the necessary license to start the construction of the new units as electricity generation units. This document adds to the range of important licenses such as the environmental license and the site license. The electricity implementation license - together with the nuclear implementation license issued by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority - is a precondition for the commencement of the actual construction, production, procurement and installation works of the new units. HEA granted the license in principle for the first time according to the legal regulations. The relevant license application was submitted by the Network Connection Project Team led by the Electricity Department (VIO), Gábor Tari - former CEO of MAVIR - continued this work, and has mainly worked with the team on the preparation of the specific electricity implementation license application documentation. The experienced, charismatic engineer and his young, agile colleague, Peter Pach, and the project team that helped them worked together for a long time to acquire this license for the project. Gábor Tari has been working for Paks II. since 2017, and Péter Pach has been the head of the electrical networks and automation area since the beginning. The work of the two of them is a good example of generations working together in the Paks II. project.

- The local and nuclear experience is found in Peti, and I brought the electricity industry experience with me, and it seems that an effective cooperation has emerged from these two - Gábor Tari highlighted. Of course, in the course of working together, it is also important that the cooperation with the Russian Contractor and the Paks Nuclear Power Plant is smooth. - In the case of the latter, it is a great help that several people from the VIO team used to work at the nuclear power plant. I believe that we were able to cooperate effectively with the nuclear power plant in this, a very good relationship was established between the professionals of the two companies - Péter Pach emphasized.

The technical documentation was provided by the Russian Contractor, based on which the the employees of Paks II. Ltd. prepared and compiled the licensing documentation package in accordance with the legal regulations with a thorough and comprehensive professional support.
- It is very important to make ourselves aware that a nuclear power plant is being built here, the main product of which is electricity and that this must be delivered to consumers through the cooperating system. Our task is to create the possibility of this in the optimal way - says Gábor Tari.