French-Hungarian exchange of views on nuclear energy

4/14/23 3:00 PM
The French Institute in Budapest organized a conference on nuclear safety, nuclear waste disposal and public acceptance of nuclear energy.

The French Institute in Budapest organized a two-day conference entitled "Nuclear Safety: securing Europe's future", in active cooperation with Paks II Ltd. and RHK Ltd. The participants were welcomed by the French Ambassador Claire Legras and then by Péter Rákóczi, communications director of Paks II Ltd.

– For Paks II., international cooperation is important, and we are looking for contacts with countries that think like us about using nuclear energy. The European nuclear alliance, which was formed under French leadership with the participation of 12 countries, serves this very purpose – Péter Rákóczi emphasised. The communications director highlighted that Paks II. is being built in an international cooperation: the Russian technology is linked to major Western suppliers, including French ones. As he said, nuclear energy plays an important role in France's secure energy supply and will continue to do so in the future, just as it does in Hungary.

During the conference, experts held presentations and round table discussions on three topics. First, the question of how to ensure nuclear safety as the sector develops was addressed, followed by waste management and finally, the public acceptance of nuclear energy was discussed by French, Slovak and Hungarian speakers.