European Commission: Nuclear power has a role in the green transition

2/2/22 4:49 PM
The European Commission's proposal recommends investment in nuclear energy for funding.
Photo: KDNP faction

According to the European Commission natural gas and nuclear energy have a role to play in the green transition and investing in them as well, taking into account scientific advice and technological progress – said Mairead McGuinness, European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and the Capital Markets Union, on Wednesday. As reported by the Hungarian Telegraph Office, the EU Commissioner stated at a press conference in Brussels that the activities related to gas and nuclear energy are in line with the European Union's climate and environmental protection objectives.

– The proposal of the European Commission confirmed that Hungary is well on its way to secure Hungary's electricity supply through nuclear energy and renewables in the long term – said Minister János Süli, who described nuclear power generation as sustainable and therefore recommended for investment. 

The minister responsible for the Paks investment added that the proposal is based on research by a number of independent scientific institutes that have proven that nuclear energy is a safe and clean energy source, like renewable technology.

– By proposing a green label for nuclear energy, the EU has once again proven that critics attack nuclear energy solely on an emotional basis or for lobbying purposes, ignoring science and facts – János Süli said.