Euratom Supply Agency has signed the fuel supply contract

4/20/15 6:00 AM
The Euratom Supply Agency (ESA) of the European Commission has approvingly signed the nuclear fuel supply contract concluded by Hungary and Russia. With this, after constructive negotiations between the Hungarian Government and the European Commission, consultations on fuel supply to the new Paks units had been closed; the European Commission notified the Hungarian Government of this in its official letter on Monday.

The preparation of the capacity maintenance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant continues unhindered and without any delay. According to plans, the construction of the unit units may begin in 2018. Hungary has entered into three contracts with Russia: one for the construction of the nuclear power plant, one for the support of its operation and one for nuclear fuel supply to it. The EU body has given its full consent to the latter document, for pursuant to the Euratom Agreement, fuel supply agreements have not two but three signatories: in addition to the buyer and the seller, it also have to be signed by Euratom. 

The decision of the European Commission confirms that in connection with the establishment of the new units of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, an agreement that takes into account security of supply, technical and economic considerations, which is favourable for both Hungary and the European Union, has been reached. The signing of the contract contributes to both safe energy supply to Europe and to increasing the energy independency of Hungary. The decision of Brussels acknowledges that the maintenance of the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant guarantees pollutant-free electricity generation in the region at a competitive price in accordance with the strictest safety requirements.