Electricity demand at a historical peak

3/5/18 7:00 AM
The country´s electricity demand reached a new record on 2 March, the system load reached 6835 MW, according to preliminary data from Mavir Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company.

According to information from the system operator, the electricity demand of the reached a new record on 2 March at noon. Due to the extreme cold, the domestic system load reached 6835 megawatts. With this, a new historical record was born, as the previous record was 6780 MW on 11 January 2017.

As reported by MAVIR, 22.28% of the electricity demand due to the extraordinary cold was generated by the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. 6.29% was produced from barley coal / lignite and biomass, 21.66% natural gas and 2.57% renewables (0.02% solar, 0.14% wind, 0.47% water , 1.95% of waste and other renewable sources), with a very high share of 47.2% import.

Safe supply is guaranteed today, but at the same time it seems that in addition to the surplus energy demand, the reduction of energy dependence can only be achieved by domestic power plant investments, emphasized MAVIR's communication.