Due to the scorching heat, the summer electricity consumption record was broken once again

6/24/21 8:12 AM
The heatwave brought a new peak in electricity consumption in the summer. The summer peak is barely below the winter record.

Due to the extreme heat across the country, experts are recording new load records every day - can be read in MAVIR's press release. The new summer national gross system load peak has a quarter-hour average of 6814 MW, recorded on 23 June between 6:45 pm and 7:00 pm at an average daily temperature of 28.7 degrees Celsius. The previous peak lasted only one day: on 22 June 2021, Hungary's summer electricity consumption was 6660 MW, with an average daily temperature of 27.7 degrees Celsius.

The system operator’s statement states that the data show that the peak load values measured during the summer approach the absolute national record for winter, which was 7119 MW on 11 February 2021 at an average daily temperature of -4 degrees Celsius. The MAVIR communiqué adds that increasing electricity consumption is naturally related to the energy needs of the economy and society.

Behind the load records, there are changes in consumption patterns - the mass and average use of air conditioners and other electrical appliances, e.g. electric cars 


– the notice informed.