Community work in the nursing home in Kalocsa

6/28/21 8:16 AM
The employees of the companies working on the Paks II. project worked together to beautify the park of the Kalocsa Social Center Bem Street nursing home.

Benches and fences were renovated, flowers were planted in Kalocsa by the volunteers of Paks II. on 24-25 June 2021. In the nursing home of Bem Street of the Kalocsa Social Center, the companies involved in the Paks II. project volunteered at the initiative of the Rosatom’s Regional Office for Central Europe. At their invitation, MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., the Paks branch of Jsc ASE EC, and Paks II. Ltd. has joined.

On 24 June the preparatory work took place, while most of the work remained until Friday, of which the Paks II. Ltd. took its share with a very crowded team.

Volunteers from Paks and Budapest restored the fence and benches in the garden surrounding the dementia section of the nursing home, following the HSE briefing. Flower boxes with freshly purchased and planted geraniums were also placed on the fence painted in cheerful colors.
The mayors of the member settlements of the TEIT (Social Monitoring, Information and Settlement Development Association) formed by the settlements located within the 12 km radius of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and the employees of the NPP also took part in the work.

2021 is the year of volunteering, which gave a reason for the initiative of Rosatom’s Regional Office for Central Europe.