Committee approvals for János Süli’s ministerial appointment

4/20/17 6:00 AM
The Parliament’s Economic Committee and Sustainable Development Committee found János Süli suitable for the position of minister without portfolio responsible for the Paks II. investment following his hearings.

The Economic Committee held a hearing on 18th April 2017 for the minister candidate, then supported the appointment of the mayor of Paks with 9 yes votes and 3 abstentions. The Sustainable Development Committee also found him suitable for the position following his hearing the next day, on 19th April with 7 yes votes, one abstention and only one no vote. 

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on 10 April in the Parliament that he’s going to appoint a minister to coordinate the Paks II. investment and the regional development tasks connected to it. The government regulation modification regarding the the ministerial position responsible for the design, construction and installation of the two new nuclear power plant units was published on 12 April in the Hungarian Gazette and came into force the next day.