Budapest University of Technology and Economics and MVM Paks II. Ltd. discuss professional cooperation

2/10/14 7:00 AM
The heads and executives of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, MVM Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Development Ltd. managing the project and MVM ERBE Ltd. performing underlying engineering activities have held consultations on the possibilities of cooperation in the capacity maintenance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and the necessary directions of teaching in higher education in engineering. At the meeting, the parties reviewed in detail the role and possibilities of the university in the proposed establishment of the new nuclear power plant units.

The university was represented by Dr Gábor Péceli, Rector of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Deputy Rectors, the Faculty Deans and Deputy Deans for Education, while Sándor Nagy, CEO of MVM Paks II. Ltd., Csilla Tóth, Technical Director, Farkas Dohán, CEO of MVM ERBE Ltd. and specialists of the two companies participated on behalf of the companies preparing the project.

For closing the preliminary specialist consultations and to successfully implement the project, the executives of MVM Paks II. Ltd. and MVM ERBE Ltd. outlined three main possible areas of cooperation. Firstly, technical issues and tasks that require the activities of the experts of the university can already be seen. Secondly, several subjects to be dealt with in undergraduate research, graduation theses of undergraduate students and PhD theses, which represent a professional challenge for the students, have been outlined. The research and processing of these can actively contribute to a deeper analysis of the technical solutions of the proposed establishment. The third main area of cooperation is increasing the range of courses offered in order to allow students to select subjects where they can also gain knowledge about the nuclear industry within their areas of specialisation. The Institute of Nuclear Technology led by Dr Attila Aszódi will have a significant role in the latter area, which may prepare the students of various faculties in the basics of nuclear technology.

The specialists of MVM Paks II. Ltd. prepared proposals for the three areas of cooperation on the basis of previous specialist consultations, which the executives of the company handed over to the Faculty Deans of the university yesterday. They include proposed research topics for specialists and students, recommendations for the modification of the teaching plans, as well as a calculation of the number of engineers required for the project. On the basis of the latter plan, the leaders of the university can assess the magnitude of the demand expected for training mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineers, architects and engineering physicists with knowledge of nuclear engineering, who can expect a long career if the project is implemented.

At the meeting, the participants agreed on the planned timetable for further cooperation. The companies responsible for the preparation of the project and the leaders of the university agreed that the project, which is expected to be the largest in Hungary this century, represented a huge opportunity and, at the same time, an exciting professional challenge for the Hungarian engineering community and specialised higher education. To exploit the opportunities available in this, both parties are ready to carry out the tasks incumbent on them.