Attila Aszódi: according to international recommendations the site is suitable

2/13/18 7:00 AM
The site license issued on 30 March 2017 by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA) proves that the site of Paks II. is suitable for new nuclear power plant units according to the Hungarian legal system. The site is suitable for new nuclear power plant units according to international recommendations as well, highlighted prof. dr. Attila Aszódi, state secretary for the maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in his post on Monday.

 – The earthquake vulnerability of the site and the determining neotectonic characterization of the site have been analyzed and evaluated on the basis of geological, geophysical, seismological research and were compiled according to the modern requirements of the Geological Research Program, integrating all knowledge - reacted Attila Aszódi to press releases in his blog post. The state secretary recalled that the site licensing was made in several steps in accordance with the Hungarian legislation in force, since according to the statutory requirements a site research program providing the basis for an application for a site license had to be approved by the HAEA. This licensing process took place in 2014 and ended with the release of the site survey and evaluation license on 14 November 2014 by the HAEA.

In addition to the Hungarian authority, the International Atomic Energy Agency reviewd the site survey program within the SEED (Site and External Events Design Review Service) mission and found it appropriate. The site research study program was implemented in 2015-2016, then Paks II. project company, based on the results of the research, on 27 October 2016, submitted to the HAEA its application for a site license. The HAEA - including experts and specialized authorities - issued the license to the project company on 30 March 2017.

Attila Aszódi recalled in his article that HAEA held a public hearing in Paks, where the Paks II. project company provided information on the content of the license application, the results of the research and the studies carried out, and answered the questions. The project company published the necessary documentation on its website, and before public consultation, it also held public forums in the three most significant cities in the region, Paks, Kalocsa and Szekszárd. 
Prof. dr. Attila Aszódi’s lecture regarding the site licensing at the Szekszárd forum
(30 November 2016)

The state secretary also wrote that the the Hungarian Academy of Sciences held two events to present the scientific results of the program, these were held to inform the scientific public in a professional manner. In May 2016 the preliminary results of the research were told, while on 17 May 2017 the most relevant information on the site license application was presented.

Attila Aszódi underlined in his article: the specific site characteristics must be taken into account during the design, construction and operation of the facility, in accordance with the legislation and the rules of the profession. Therefore, the nuclear power plant will be built with engineering solutions against earthquake forces, since safety is the most important for a nuclear power plant.
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