At least one billion HUF worth of aid for the Paks area

1/20/16 7:00 AM
The Paks Social Council held its third session on 19 January 2016 in Paks. János Lázár, the cabinet minister announced during the event that the government will grant at least one billion HUF for development in the Paks area.

The 41 mayors of the area, the parliamentarians of the area, and János Lázár cabinet minister and János Süli, mayor of Paks (who is also the co-chairman of the council) attended the concilatory forum, and dr. Tamás Bán, CEO of MVM Paks II. Ltd. and Róbert Nagy, CEO of National Infrastructure Development Ltd also were there.

The cabinet minister informed the attendees that the Paks II. project proceeds according to the schedule. János Lázár highlighted that the Europen Union does not dispute the need for new power plant units in Paks, since the nuclear maintenance of the performance is part of the Union’s energy policy. „The Hungarian government has a trade policy kind of like debate, but it does not delay or endanger the implementation of the Paks II. project. International financial analyzes also support that the investment will return in market conditions.” – says the Prime Minister’s Office’s statement.

The minister also spoke during the Council’s session that it is a strategic goal to have more and more Hungarian enterprises in the implementation of the project and to construct a safely operating nuclear power plant, which supplies the populace and the industry with cheap electricity in a long term.

János Süli mayor, co-chairman of the Council said, thanks to the cooperation of the Paks Social Council the settlements received aid according to their expectations, and thanks to this not only the support of the NGOs and sports clubs, but other successful improvements were implemented as well.

János Lázár emphasized during the forum, the government grants at least one billion HUF – more than last year’s 750 million – for aid in the area. The cabinet minister also added, he’s awaiting the settlements’ plans and proposals of the efficient use of the funds. 

The attendees of the Council’s meeting could also get an insight into the details of the proposed Danube-bridge’s preparations thanks to Róbert Nagy, CEO of the National Infrastructure Development Ltd. and his presentation.