Another reference unit for Paks II. started its commercial operation

3/22/21 2:51 PM
On 22 March, Unit 2 of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II was put into commercial operation.

Another VVER-1200 unit was put into commercial operation in Sosnovy Bor near St. Petersburg, Russia. The commissioning of Unit 2 of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II. started in 2020 and ended on March 10 this year with the last 15-day test period. This is the second Russian unit to be the direct reference for the new Paks units, which has started its commercial operation, and the fourth in the line of operating VVER-1200 units. Unit 2 of Leningrad II. has so far generated about 2 billion kWh of electricity.

The VVER-1200 unit developed by Rosatom is a 3+ generation, ie an improved 3rd generation unit type. In its development, safety enhancement was given a prominent role. Rosatom largely took into account the nuclear safety regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the lessons learned from the malfunctions and accidents in nuclear energy.

The first VVER-1200 unit was launched in 2017 in Sosnovy Bor and has been in commercial operation since 2018. In addition to Hungary, such units are being constructed worldwide from Finland through Turkey to China.