Almost a ten thousand people will work on the maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant

5/10/17 6:00 AM
During the peak period of the construction about 8000-8500 professionals might work on Paks II.’s construction site, and the number of experts can reach up to 1000 – said János Süli, minister without portfolio responsible for the design, construction and installation of the two new nuclear power plant units of Paks on his introductory press conference. János Süli announced that Attila Aszódi will continue his work with the nuclear power plant investment as a state secretary.

Following the acquisition of the related licenses and before the construction work, the formation of the required infrastructure – among others the storages, workshops and roads – will start – highlighted János Süli, who announced on his press conference that Attila Aszódi will continue his work with the nuclear power plant investment as a state secretary. The major challenges of the near future will be the preparation of the technical plans, the compilation of the implementation license application and the license’s acquisition, then with these in possession, the actual construction work can start – added the minister. Regarding the establishment of the new power plant units, the minister reminded that the European Union approved the project thanks to the successful negotiations between the Hungarian government and the European Committee. With the acquisition of the site license and the environmental license in spring the investment took a big step towards the realization.

According to János Süli the government’s goal is unchanged: more than a third of the national electricity generation’s should be ensured by the safely and economically generating nuclear power plant. The importance of the Paks II. project is increased by the fact that the nuclear power plant guarantees the cheap electricity, security of supply and climate friendly electricity generation, thus the establishment of the new nuclear power plant units is a national cause, and shouldn’t be hindered by party interests – he added. The minister emphasized the electricity import is over 30%, and during this year’s cold period of January-February, the import reached 54%.

The minister’s task is the professional management and coordination of the implementation of the agreement of the two new nuclear power plant units’ design, acquisition and the implementation of the nuclear fuel supply agreement. He is also responsible for the inter-ministerial coordination of tasks related to the agreements, licensing and other official duties. The minister is responsible for the timely provision of information to the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office in accordance with the EU's reporting requirements in the implementation of the agreement on the planning, procurement and construction and the provision of nuclear fuel supply. The minister is also responsible for coordinating the regional development connected to the two new nuclear power plant units and the coordination of the innovation tasks of the nuclear industry.

The project – indirectly – offers great opportunites to the service sector of the region, from the catering units to the commercial workers. János Süli highlighted regarding the tasks connected to the Paks II. project, during the construction several thousands need housing, medical, other services and the smoothness of everyday services need to be taken care of. Those who might be working here for 8-10 years, will possibly come here with their families, so the child care needs to be taken care of by the settlements. The region’s transport network needs to be prepared for the increasing traffic, and it is necessary to clarify the issues related to the reconstruction of the railway – emphasized the minister, who added it is also important to build the Paks-Kalocsa bridge in order to Bács-Kiskun county to join into the Paks II. investment.